If you are considering building a home, you will have to be ready to incur several costs on your property. Apart from the land and construction costs, there are many other costs that homeowners may have to give monthly or yearly, depending on their area. Most people would like to have an investment in real estate, but would also like to live in their own property. However, having both at the same time usually requires savvy thinking and a good investment. If you’ve invested in a piece of land and are looking to build your personal residence as well as have something to rent out, you should consider duplex designs in Melbourne for your property. They are often the best way to make space for more than one house on a single piece of land and can be useful in many different situations. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this design and often end up losing a great investment opportunity on their assets.

Duplex designs are slowly becoming more popular in cities where finding new residential space is becoming more difficult. Many people would love to have their own home, but also realize that real estate is one of the best investment options. A duplex home design solves both of these problems. Because there are two separate properties built on a single piece of land, you can have the option of registering them as a single property or two separate ones, depending on what you plan on using the property for. It is certainly a great way to pay off for the costs incurred in building the house by using the rental income of one house. You will also have a personal residence in the other house. New home designs in Melbourne often make the best use of space and can be made on a single or double story design.

Duplex designs are also quite popular with investors because of the additional income potential. Instead of building a single property and taking limited rental income, you can invest in a single piece of land and build two separate properties. This will help lessen the time it takes to pay off the investment and you will start seeing returns sooner. If you have experience in renting out a room of your house before, you will understand the complications involved in living with tenants in your own home. However, none of these issues are present in Duplex homes because they are designed to be two separate properties. When deciding on a suitable design, you should consult with a reputable designing company to ensure that you get an efficient design that saves space and provides a comfortable living experience as well.