We are living in the times where we have been introduced with the best of vehicles. The introduction of vehicles has not only fastened man’s life but has also made it easier in lots of ways. People of this era cannot even imagine living a life without a transport system. Even in villages, heavy machineries or vehicles are being used and products are transported by the use of the vehicles as well. There are different kinds of vehicles which are meant for different purpose. Some are solely used for moving people from one place to another while others are used as a means of transporting luggage or other items. In this article, we will be discussing about the comparison between rotating log grapple and rotating wood grapple which are the two individual parts of hydraulic excavators or hydraulic machines. 

Hydraulic excavator or machine: 

Hydraulic excavators or machines are basically the vehicles which are specifically meant to be used for digging, demolition or transportation purposes. These hydraulic excavators can be most commonly seen on construction sites as they not only transport heavy material to the location or site but also demolish the existing structure and dig the ground as well. These hydraulic excavator works by the flow of heavy pressured liquid which runs the motor and cylinders of the vehicle. 

Hydraulic grapples: 

Hydraulic grapples are the structures or devices that are attached on the front portion of the hydraulic excavator or vehicle. These structures are made in such a way that they grab the material in its clutches perfectly. Then they lift it and place it on the site where they are needed. These grapples are also named as hydraulic attachments as they are attached by the front portion of the hydraulic excavator. There are different types of grapples which vary from one another on the basis of their characteristics and functions. Two of such grapples are going to be discussed in this article. 

Rotating log grapple versus rotating wood grapple: 

Rotating log grapple is the type of a grapple which is specifically meant to lift and un-lift huge and small sizes of logs. These grapples not only transport the log but are also able to rotate themselves because of which the log can be placed on the perfect position. On the other hand rotating wood grapple is the kind of grapple which has the capacity to pick up any kind of wood and to place it on the site. Like rotating log grapple, rotating wood grapple can also place the wood on any required position. 


Grapple is the device or structure that is attached with hydraulic excavator and is meant for transportation. Even though there is some similarity between the functioning of rotating log grapple and rotating wood grapple but the main difference between them lies in their structure. Moreover, rotating log grapple can only transport logs whereas rotating wood grapple has the capacity to transport any kind of wood. “Daehan Heavy Industry” makes sure to provide the best quality of rotating log grapples and rotating wood grapple. log-grapple